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Boiler Cleaning

Maintaining a scheduled cleaning program for boilers is essential to reduce costs and increase equipment life in power sector.

Dirty boiler tubes -- whether the fire tube or water tube type -- cause more fuel to be used and drive up heating costs.

Inefficiency caused by dirty tubes also results in more frequent cycling of motors, blowers and other heating system components and can lead to costly repairs and replacements.

WPS offers its clients a full suite of cleaning and de-scaling solutions for, among other things, the following:
•    Condensers and chillers
•    Heat exchangers
•    Dies
•    Steam boilers
•    Cooling towers and other open loops
•    Cold and hot closed circuits
•    Compressors
•    Water features

Routine cleaning prolongs the life of valuable equipment, maximizes cooling and/or heating potential and maintains system integrity and flow, leading to increased production and reduced energy costs.

The Company’s proprietary cleaning chemicals have been concocted over several decades, are environmentally friendly and have varying applications to cater to a client’s individual circumstances.


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